Musico - Schimmel, Bernstein, Hammond, Johannus and Suzuki
Our Brands
Schimmel   Bernstein   Hammond, Leslie   Johannus   Orla
Schimmel   Bernstein   Hammond, Leslie   Johannus   Orla
Pioneering worldwide as master piano craftsman since 1885, Schimmel pianos are still heralded as Germany’s largest manufacturers as well as the most awarded. Spanning four generations of family ownership and management, Schimmel brings to you the exquisite range of Konzert, Classic and Vogel grand and upright pianos.   In Australia since 1981, Bernstein has become one of the most popular pianos for home, studio and school. Combining European tradition and extensive investment in state-of-the-art machinery, the new Bernstein series offers a high performance range of upright and grand pianos at affordable prices. You can hear, feel and see the difference!
  Today Hammond represents a sound that encompasses all genres of music and demographics, ranging from church music to R&B, Jazz and Rock; through from the 40’s to date. We bring to Australia the full Pro-line range of Hammond portable /console organs and Leslie speakers. Be a part of the vibe, image and sound Hammond brings to the world of music.   Since 1968 Johannus organs have combined over 40 years of progressive design technology with centuries of traditional Dutch craftsmanship and an unrivalled commitment to building the finest organs for discerning organists worldwide.   Orla offers the culmination of European style; with instrument sounds sampled and modelled in the laboratory in Italy. Oral artists from Italy, England, Germany, and Holland, make sure that the sounds are ideal plus that each rhythm arrangement on the grand piano models is exciting and musicially rewarding to play. Orla is the perfect musical partner for the beginners and the professional player alike.

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Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to supply to the Australian market place with specialist high quality pianos and organs at very competitive prices. We recognize that Music Retail is arguably one of the most challenging industries of the day. In most cases, it often requires nurturing and constant support.

Over the years our definitive philosophy has been to focus, produce and conduct a series of pro-active programs that keep a selective number of dealers positive and enable them conduct their businesses successfully and profitably.

These programs cycle around 5 to 6 weeks, incorporating on-site visits, one-on-one coaching, visiting artists for in-store promotions, group conferences and group dinners. The emphasis is on being constructive, having fun and providing dealers with the territory space and resources to do well.

Service & Support
  • On-staff technician and service department
  • Promotional materials; personalized brochures and handouts, and print advertising artwork
  • 12 hours / 6 days phone support for stock, costing and negotiation assistance
  • In-store and alternative venue dealer product clinics for the Hammond, Schimmel and Berrnstein brands in particular.
  • Contracted dedicated Bernstein and Schimmel piano technicians

  • Dealers
    Musico, through the years, have selected an extremely competent team of dealers across Australia. Musico dealers are specialists in their respective product and provide prompt service and genuine selection advice at all times.

    To contact your local state dealer please click here.
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