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Privacy Policy
Musico Pty Ltd. regards and holds all your personal information with security and confidentiality. Be informed that all personal information supplied by you will only be forwarded to associated businesses, such as a mail service provider, in order to provide the information requested by you.
Details of the information supplied by you will be forwarded to sales and marketing staff, piano teachers and piano technicians employed by or associated with Musico Pty Ltd.

By submitting an ‘information request’ form please understand that you will receive Bernstein, Schimmel, Hammond/Leslie, Johannus and Suzuki marketing information in the form of information kits, DVDs, brochures, flyers, event information and pricelists as per your request by email, post or telephone as appropriate. In addition to this, you will receive occasional information on Bernstein, Schimmel, Hammond, Johannus and Suzuki events, promotions and sales.

Please be informed that you may amend your details and request a preferred means of contact at any time.

If you wish to discontinue or to opt out of this service at any time and for any further queries please contact Musico Pty Ltd. on the addresses below.

381 Canterbury Road
Ringwood Vic 3134.
T 61+ 3 9872 5094
F 61+ 3 9872 5127