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It is a firm objective of Musico Pty Ltd, as the sole importers and distributors of Bernstein pianos, Schimmel pianos, Hammond organs, Leslie speakers, Johannus Classical organs and Suzuki Digital pianos in Australia, to provide valid and authentic information at all times about the products displayed on this page. However as websites are subject to product and information updates, an out of date or obsolete product or specifications may appear from time to time as a result of this. Hence, product information and specifications incorporating model changes and obsolete products are subject to change without notice. Musico Pty Ltd in turn advises the entire network of national state dealers with all necessary information in order for them to provide the customer with respective updates and changes.

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All pictures and images on the website are for illustration purposes only. This may result in images appearing different to what they actually appear in real life.  


With reference to stock / models displayed on the website or stock held by Musico Pty Ltd at any given point of time, please be informed that all models displayed on the website may not be available at dealers throughout Australia at the time. For a current stock / model update and availability or further queries about our disclaimer please contact Musico Pty Ltd on the address below.

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